Jewelry Challenge 2018

Jewelry Challenge 2018

This is a chance to show us your stuff and challenge your creativity. In the spirit of a good challenge - we are mixing it up this year!

Your piece must be made in the style of one of the following themes: Art Deco, Egyptian, or Steampunk.


The following descriptions are intended only as a basic starting point, and participants are free to research, explore, and expand upon each theme as much as they choose. Participants will have the opportunity to briefly explain how their piece fits within their chosen theme on their entry form for the judges consideration.

Theme #1: Egyptian

Egyptian art and aesthetics span centuries, so this is the broadest theme to choose from. There are some key points about the Egyptian style that participants can think about: Works often depict the relationship between humans, the king, and their pantheon of gods such as Anubis, Isis, and Ra. There is a heavy use of symbolism, as seen in hieroglyphic writing. Figures are painted to show a profile view and a side view at the same time, and the importance of a figure is defined by its size (largest figure is most important, most likely a god or pharaoh). Popular objects include funerary and ritual objects. Popular materials included gold, semiprecious stones such as carnelian, amethyst, garnet, jasper, lapis, turquoise and agate, glass, copper and bronze. Colors used were mainly red, blue, green. gold, black and yellow.

Theme #2: Art Deco

The Art Deco style is defined by the use of bold colors, clean geometric shapes and symmetrical designs that showcase solid craftsmanship, fine detail and rich materials. Designs are sleek and elegant, often symbolizing wealth and sophistication, and often mixing lavish materials with modern man-made materials such as plastics (Bakelite), glass, and ferroconcrete.

Theme #3: Steampunk

While the first two themes come from actual historic periods, the Steampunk theme is from an alternate history where Victorian aesthetics meet steam powered and modern computerized technologies. Born out of science fiction/science fantasy in the 1980s, Steampunk style often combines such materials as leather, copper and brass. Nuts, bolts, rivets, pipes, straps, buckles, and kinetic objects such as gears and pulleys are often employed to create a steampunk look.

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As in previous years, to participate, you must be a MASSC member and purchase a box. There will be 7 items in your box. Five are metal materials jewelers use. One is a vintage item and one is decorative. You MUST use a recognizable portion of minimum of FIVE items in your box. You may add TWO ADDITIONAL MATERIALS.



The People’s Choice awards remain unchanged, and will be chosen by popular vote at the luncheon:

* First prize of $300

* Second prize of $200

* Third prize of $100,


A Grand Prize of $500 will be awarded by a juror. Pieces will be judged on the creative use of the materials and the innovative use of the themed design requirement.



• be a MASSC member

• buy the box

• you must use a recognizable portion of at least FIVE items in the box

• you may add TWO ADDITIONAL MATERIALS to the piece

• you must choose ONE of the three THEMES listed



Deadline to register for box- …………Feb. 14, Wed

Boxes mailed out by……………       Feb. 28, Wed.

Earliest to turn in piece to Toni …….Apr. 13, Fri.

Mandatory turn in piece by……………………. 5pm April 27, Fri.


This year, as in years past, each person will be required to send the following to Diane

Weimer at

- a statement (max. 300 words)

- a headshot (300dpi)

- till out the entry form, list of materials used and a which theme you chose and EXPLAIN how your piece exemplifies that theme