Demo Day 2017

September 24th, 2017


El Camino College

16007 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA 90506


The day will begin with an initial meeting on the Art Patio (marked on the map at the bottom of this email with a red x). Attendees will be divided into four groups and will attend 5 sessions lasting 35 to 40 minutes each. Each group will have the opportunity to attend each presenter’s topic.

If you and your friends wish to be in the same group you will need to arrive at our check-in station together. 


On-site check in will take place on the Art Patio

outside of ART 133 from 9:30 am - 9:50 am. 


Members $20

*Non-members $50*

Lunch is included



* $50 registration includes the full year of membership plus three bonus months of membership for signing up or renewing for Demo Day

Below are this years AWESOME presenters:

- Corliss Rose of 2 Roses: Screw Polymer Clay

corliss rose polymer clay samples

Corliss will explain how polymer clay can be easily and very successfully incorporated with metals and multi-media disciplines. You'll be surprised how adaptable the medium is and how it complements fabrication techniques.

- Brad Smith: The 3-M's of Tools, Maintenance, Modification, and Making Your Own

Brad Smiths Stamping Tools

We all benefit from a little TLC, and jewelers tools are no exception. 
This presentation will cover topics like getting rid of rust, sharpening, and prepping a new tool that's just been purchased. Modifications will be discussed to make your tools more productive. And examples will be shown for how to make some of your own tools, such as templates, texture hammers, bezel closers, punches, repussée tools, and design stamps.

- Raminta Jautokas: Bonny Doon Precision Non-Conforming Die Containment System

raminta bonny doon press

The Bonny Doon precision containment system is used with a hydraulic press to produce high fidelity stampings of die patterns and textures.  This system not only adds dimension, but amazing detail even in thicker metal. This is possible because the cylindrical container and pusher are a very tight fit and therefore when the urethane is compressed it has nowhere to go but into the die. The brass dies are individually hand machined at Bonny Doon’s studio with a rose engine from the 1880’s. Most notably, rose engines were used to create the renowned Fabergé eggs.  You can also use a flex shaft to carve your own designs into the dies. Raminta will demo how to use the system and present examples of how the stamped metal can be used to create unique jewelry designs.

- Kristina Grace:  Pricing your work, Production vs. Custom Orders

Pricing Demonstration

Kristina will walk you through her personal experiences in the industry and let you learn from her the best method for pricing, from beginner to expert, custom one of a kind pieces and/or production line pieces of art. 


- Toni Federe: Mold, Cast, Play, REPEAT!!

Positive and negative of a mold

Learn to judge what kind of originals will deliver the best molds, how to set up your original for perfect results, and how to fix some common bloopers. I will also show how to make castings from a variety of material including several types of air-dry clays as well as demonstrating some surface treatments including acrylic paint, dye and alcohol inks, and stains.


Our sponsors have donated some lovely gifts for the lunchtime fundraiser:

raffle prizes

Eschenbach 4x Binocular Telescope Glasses ($731, from Art Clay World)

Book: Opal & Gemstone Jewelry Cutting ($29.95, from Monsterslayer)

Book: Silver Soldering Simplified ($24.99, from Monsterslayer)

Book: Stamped Metal Jewelry ($24.95, from Monsteerslayer)

Pliers Tool Kit in a zebra print case ($60, from Fire Mountain Gems & Beads)

Wax and Metal File Collection+Drill bits ($45, from EGGM Enterprises)

$100 E-Gift Certificate (from Tim McCreight/Brynmorgen Press)

3" Saw Frame ($54, from Knew Concepts)

$50 E-Gift Certificate (from Otto Frei)

Prodigy Felx Shaft & Desk Mount ($128.95, from Rio Grande).

Raffle tickets can be purchased during the morning and the beginning of the lunch hour.




A full campus map can be found here:

A simplified map with the major cross streets, parking lots, and direction to the Art Department is displayed below:

map of el camino parking

El Camino charges $3/day for parking, cash only, exact change required.

Participants can park in lot J or K (staff lots marked on map). Buy parking and leave the ticket on your dashboard of your car.


Date Start
Event Start Time
10:00 AM
Event End time
3:00 PM