LBCC Tea and Chat Seminar Series

One of our most popular and effective classes is back this Spring, Professional Practices!

This course is all information and resources specifically geared to help you be successful as a craftsperson, long term.


The class in divided into two parts:

The first part, on Monday evenings, will be seminar style and bring in weekly panels of makers and doers to talk to you directly about every level of building a life in the arts, particularly jewelry.  We will visit each week with former students, career craftspeople, educators and gallerists at every step along the path to a professional life. We will create a targeted discussion to help you visualize yourself inside the lifestyle of a craftsperson. The current schedule of seminar meetings are below. New sessions will be added regularly through the semester.

The second part, on Wednesday evenings, will focus on the making process through the unsung design hero - the earring.  Each week, you will use the earring format to explore design, fabrication, engineering and marketing.  You will learn how to use the small format to scale up to larger pieces and how to use the iterative process to evolve your designs efficiently.  We have new studio equipment to move us along including an electric hydraulic press and a micro-welder.

This promises to be an exciting format for Art 38 this semester and will not be the same class again.

There are 90, 91 independent study options attached, as well as Art 32 Intermediate Design.

If there is something in the way of you registering for the class you want, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Classes are Monday/Wednesday 6:30-9:40pm

Course #31620 ART 38 (4 units)

Also at the same time:

#31813 ART 90 (1.5 units)

#32427 ART 91 (3 units)

#34086 ART 32 (3 units)

Classes begin February 5. Registration is open now at

I really think you’re going to like this. I can’t wait to see you in K111!