Holiday Party 2016

2016 Holiday Party

The air was crisp and colorful leaves dotted the landscape. Chairs were arranged and the extended dining room table had been expanded to its greatest length. Everything was ready in Marne’s space for the Ornament Activity. Tools had been collected and were stationed just outside the studio. We were ready.

As one o’clock approached some of the first people arrived at Marne Ryan’s house in Anaheim for the MASSC Holiday Party. We were scheduled to eat lunch as everyone was bringing a dish… savory or sweet. After lunch we would begin the activity which was working in three’s, and using the copper materials we were given, to create an ornament. Each group received 5ft of copper wire, 3” X 3” 32ga copper foil, 6 copper disks, 12” of 4ga round copper wire annealed and so as we all followed Marne to her studio, work began.

Marne was very generous, allowing us to use her electric rolling mill, anneal the metal when it became work hardened. After the work party where all won a prize we all went back to the living room to conduct the ornament exchange.

Ruth Laug got Ruth Shapiro’s ornament initially. However, that doesn’t mean she got to keep it.

Here are an assortment of some of the ornaments. I felt very fortunate to get Marne Ryan’s ornament. It was a silver bell ornament. So beautiful!! AND it actually rings.