Jewelry Challenge 2017

Jewelry Challenge 2017

This is a chance to show us your stuff and challenge your creativity. In the spirit of a good challenge - we are mixing it up this year!

As in previous years, to participate, you must be a MASSC member and purchase a box. There will be four items in your box. Three are conventional materials jewelers use. One is an unusual item. You MUST use a recognizable portion of each of the four items in your box. You may add ANY ADDITIONAL MATERIALS. We will have one design requirement (which you will discover when you get your box).


Again this year, we will have prizes - but we are doing them a bit differently, too. The People's Choice awards remain unchanged, and will be chosen by popular vote at the luncheon:

New in 2017, a Grand Prize of $500 will be awarded by a juror. Pieces will be judged on the creative use of the materials and the innovative use of the design requirement.


  • be a MASSC member
  • buy the box
  • you must use a recognizable portion of all FOUR items in the box
  • you may add ANY ADDITIONAL MATERIALS to the piece
  • you must include the ONE design requirement listed in the box

This year, as in years past, each person will be required to send the following to Diane Weimer @

  • a statement (max. 300 words)
  • a headshot (300dpi)

Turn in on or before April 21 by 5pm to be eligible.