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The Video Library is for members of MASSC. Please complete the form below along with the video you want to view.

You may only view one video at a time. The Library Donation is $20, and includes return postage.

Your donation goes to the upkeep and preservation of the workshop archives. Please note that these are unedited videos. What you are getting is raw footage. Yes, MASSC’s library of videos contains lots of valuable techniques from some of the best metal artists in the world but you will have to fast forward to get to most of the good stuff. On a lighter note, you’ll get some humorous cross talk with the instructors, a few elbows or other body parts that may block the screen and one or two sensational camera topples. It’s all in good fun while you pick up some great techniques. And… it’s only $20 bucks!

Late Charges

Important, Please Read:

Terms of viewing are for 30 calendar days effective from date of mailing by MASSC. Return videos not received by MASSC within 5 calendar days after their expiration date will be charged a $20. Penalty for each partial or additional full 30 day period that the video is held. We also reserve the right to revoke rental privileges for any member who consistently abuses the rental period agreement. “All form fields below are necessary. MASSC also requires that you agree to the "MASSC Workshop Video Library Rental Agreement", which can be found here: VIDEO RENTAL AGREEMENT In processing the form below, you acknowledge and accept the referenced "MASSC Workshop Video Library Rental Agreement".

Video Selection

  • Mary Lee Hu - Weaving and Chains
  • Charles Lewton Brain - Form Folding
  • Carl Stanley - Cuff Bracelet
  • Pauline Warg - Metal Beads
  • Pauline Warg - Carved Bezels
  • Allison Antleman - Custom Clasps
  • Belle Brooke Barer - Sculptural Hollow Ring
  • Diane Falkenhagen - Mixed Media Techniques for Jewelry
  • Betsy Manheim - Fold Forming
  • Trish McAleer - Metal Corrugation
  • Bruce Metcalf - Jewelry Alternatives
  • Harold O' Connor - Surface Embellishments & Efficient Workshop Methods
  • 2Roses - Metal Patination
  • Carol Sivets - Metal Reticulation
  • Lisa Slovis Mandel - Hydraulic Press
  • Ben Newbauer - Wire Fabrication
  • Wayne Werner - Stone Setting
  • Leslie Frumin - Classy Clasps
  • KathyPalochak - Tufa Casting
  • Betty Helen Longhi - Metal Forming
  • Demo Day 2011
  • Sarah Doremus Kinetic - Jewelry
  • Charity Hall - The Brooch Approach
  • NC Black - Micro-Forming
  • Jillian Moore - Resin in 3D
  • Elise Preiss “ Enameling with Decals