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Christina McCormack

  I make jewelry I want to wear; I try not pay too much attention to trends. I want my jewelry to be timeless and handed down from generation to generation.

     My love of crafting jewelry began when I was 12 years old in a plastic and metal class in junior high. That is where I made my first piece of jewelry, a ring made from an aluminum nut. I was lucky enough to go to a high school with a jewelry class and studio. From that point on; I was consistently making jewelry. I would search for studios I could use until I was able to have my own. 

     After college I ended up going to the Gemological Institution of America, where I received my Graduate Jeweler Gemologist degree. Since, I have worked as a bench jeweler in a custom jewelry studio, a gemologist/appraiser and all the while continuing to make my own jewelry. I have sold my pieces through galleries, stores, Etsy and my website.

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