A Newbie at the Downtown LA Jewelry DisctricTour - Tony Nguyen

MASSC recently held a Downtown LA Jewelry District Tour to which I had partaken in. The tour started in an alleyway with cozy little food shops that lined the walls. We all met at a small coffee shop named La Café Bonjour (and boy, did we need the coffee). After everyone had arrived we were broken into different groups and each group had a diverse mixture of students that have never been to the district, veterans in the field, and hobbyists trying to broaden their horizon.

Holiday Party 2016

The air was crisp and colorful leaves dotted the landscape. Chairs were arranged and the extended dining room table had been expanded to its greatest length. Everything was ready in Marne’s space for the Ornament Activity. Tools had been collected and were stationed just outside the studio. We were ready.