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Carol Koch

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Carol Koch

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Last Updated: 13 August 2017


I left my last job, running the design department of a vintage-inspired jewelry company, because something inside of me told me I could do better.  Bigger.  Bolder.  Brighter.  And more beautiful.  


In order to move on, I knew I had to strike out on my own.  The only way to evolve in my career was to design my very own line of jewelry.  Nothing less could satisfy my passions.       


Ever since I was a small child, I’ve been endlessly creative.  I was always drawing, sewing, and crafting, often fashioning my own clothing and gifts for friends.  Growing up in a large family, I learned early on that if I wanted something extra, I’d have to make it myself.  Luckily, I found a tremendous sense of pride in my accomplishments.


The idea of doing more with less stuck with me.  And, thus, my design aesthetic was born.  To that end, I’ve created a line that is both stunning and practical, filled with gorgeous pieces that are meant to be worn over the years with ever-changing styles.


My inspiration comes from the little details I see in my daily life--the way patterns appear (even in shadows on a wall) or the way architectural elements can be interpreted as intricate design. Everywhere I look, I see potential.  My job is to turn these visions into reality, and share my interpretation of beauty with the world, through the medium I love.

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